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Full licence
You can apply for a full driver licence:
If you are under 25:
  •  After you have held your Restricted Licence
     18 months.
  •   After you have held your Restricted Licence 12
      months AND completed a Defensive Driving Course
If Your are over 25:
  • After you have held your Restricted Licence 6 months
  • After you have held your Restricted Licence 3 months AND completed a Defensive Driving Course.
The full licence test, is now a 20 minute test. This test is set in a 50-80km area.To succesfully pass your full licence test, you must be able to prove to the Testing Officer  that you are capable of carrying out a series of tasks. These tasks include:
Turning left at a Give Way sign.
Turning Right at a Give way sign.
Turning right at a Roundabout.
Going Straight ahead at a Stop sign etc.
At some of these intersections,You will also be asked to identify the moving or potentially moving hazards and your response to those hazards.
A simple example of this would be:
    on detecting oncoming traffic, the applicant would then say that the oncoming traffic is a hazard their response could be to say that they will stay to the left.
     A hazard is anything moving or potentially moving that poses a clear and direct threat to the applicant.
     Hazards include:
      pedestrians (from the left, right or ahead)
       other motor vehicles (from the left, right, ahead, behind or oncoming)
      other road users such as cyclists (to the left, right, ahead or behind or oncoming).
      Moving Hazards do not include:
        static objects such as protruding hedges,
         road signs, parked vehicles without occupants
         road features such as intersections,
         merge lanes etc
        Please note: All information is correct at time of publishing, Licence test prices are controlled by NZTA and are subject to change.
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